Need to jog your memory?

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Working Memory

For many of us, working memory is helped if what is being spoken or demonstrated is supported by VISUAL PROMPTS. These can be referred to by students throughout the lesson.

Much of what we teach can be turned into a question. As instinctively curious animals, we want to find answers to questions. It also helps to create a purpose for ACTIVE LISTENING.

To ensure that working memory is developed, students need to PROCESS the information they are receiving. The more PROCESSING the better.

The first process is ACTIVE LISTENING. It is crucial and obvious that students should be listening to (concentrating on) everything that we say, not simply writing as we speak. As they are listening they are trying to make sense of what we are saying/showing, hence the need to keep explanations short before another process takes place.

This could be VERBALISING. Students could Pair and Share and show their understanding of what they have just listened to by responding to a question.

Now they are in a position to PERFORM that understanding and test how far it is installed in their working memory.

Finally students need to REINFORCE their learning through revision so that the knowledge and understanding rests comfortably and accessibly in the LONG TERM MEMORY.

It’s as simple as that!


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