Great Teaching

Just a couple of weeks into term and I’ve come across a great blog about teaching.  I think it summarises what we are doing here really well. There are loads of ideas. With paired observations well under way, why not take a risk and see if something new works, then share your findings here?

Planning to be great


2 thoughts on “Great Teaching

  1. This is worth a read, and along with the book ‘Lazy Teacher’, maybe their book should be in every department’s library.
    What I like is that it treats teachers as professionals, and gives them a framework/scaffold of theory that makes learning happen. The article doesn’t say, ‘you must teach it like this, any other way is wrong’, which is the rhetoric we have had to put up with for many many years, but gives us that maybe just maybe we stand a chance of being able to be in control of our own classrooms rather than having big brother (who of course always knows best) telling us what when and how to do it.

    I think Ted Wragg will be almost smiling in his resting place…

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