Putting Family First

This is probably the best non pedagogy article I’ve read this year and it seems apt to finish the year with it.

Next year, I plan to share much more about what works in Teaching and Learning in our school and beyond. In the meantime, enjoy this great piece by John Tomsett (definitely worth following on Twitter and if anyone has a copy of his book ‘Love over Fear’, I’d love to read it).



Reflections on Teaching


Last week, 8 people stopped me in the corridor to say thank you for posting 10 Reasons to love teaching.  So, I wanted to link another inspirational one.  I also realised just how quickly this year has flown and wanted to reflect on the great year we have had.  So I found this, from Minds in Bloom…

End of Year Reflection (You might want to check out the kids one too!) 20 questions to ask yourself at the end of the year.

They’re good, but personally, there is one question missing.  We have a great staff at our school who do amazing things.  The question I would ask is: Who has inspired you this year? For me, there are loads, and I hope to be able to tell some of them over the next few days, but seeing Maria and Abi co-planning a great lesson this week was a real inspiration. I want to do more of that. Thank you.

Who would you thank for being an inspiration this year?