There has been a surge of new events around the country in the last couple of years – namely: TeachMeets. Normal class teachers, taking responsibility for their own CPD and getting together with other teachers to share good practice. There is one in October in Southampton. The lead speakers are all people who blog/write regularly about Teaching and Learning.  I plan to go. It should be a great day. Anybody fancy coming? I’ve nicked this poster from someone else, so speak to me, not Ashley or Katharine if you’re interested! The QR code does work and takes you to a biog of all the lead speakers. Looks to be a fab day.



Walking, Talking Mocks…

There has been a lot of talk on the twitter sphere about walking, talking mocks.  Talking your students through the exam paper and the process of sitting the exam as you go through the paper with them.  You walk them and talk them through the paper.  I have tried this with my GCSE group and to some degree my A level groups.  They really liked it.  This example from Unit 1 Sociology is a good guide 

I wonder if anyone else has tried this?

Self and Peer Assessment…


Self and Peer Assessment – By Dylan Wiliam

I watched this video by Dylan Wiliam and really thought what he was saying was excellent – in a bid to develop independence and resilience, I am trying to find ways to help my students self assess and peer assess better. But… it’s not going too well.  To be fair, in peer assessment we have moved on from ‘You could explain better’ to some more meaningful improvements.  I have done this by sharing the success criteria. We have been working on pEa paragraphs (Point, Evidence & Explanation, Analysis) so my success criteria has been:

Have they made a good point?

Have they given a piece of evidence to support their point?

Have they explained their evidence relating to their point?

Have they analysed (discussed, giving advantages and disadvantages) their point?

This format seems to be working… However, I cannot get my students to be able to self assess in the same way.  Is anyone working on this  in their classrooms? I’d love to see what you are doing. What does good self-assessment look like? At Year 7, GCSE or A Level.  How can I do this better?