RH Independent Learning in Year 11


This is the last lesson in the unit.  I wanted to reinforce what they had learn (remembering Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve), make them think so as to strengthen the synapses and practice some revision skills.

The room is spilt in 8 ‘pods’ each with different information.  Most is stuff that they already but in a different context and some is about the same topic but new.

They had 5 minutes on each table and add what they learnt from it to a mind map.



RH Memory with Year 7

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In Abi’s INSET on memory she spoke about focussing on a particular memory skill in each year group.  The focus for year 7 is flashcards.  We have a lot of keywords for them to learn on the rivers topic and so I used this opportunity to introduce the use of flashcards.  Homework week 1 was to create the cards.  Week 2 they had to memorise them for a test.  Week 3 they had to learn from their mistakes, revise the keywords again for a second test.  These words were simultaneously being used in a number of different tasks during the lessons to reinforce their use in line with the ‘forgetting’ curve that Abi showed us.