Building on mini white-boards – HS

whiteboards 2

So, building on the inspiration of my mini whiteboard session with Jools & Abi on Monday, I had to appeal to my boys. We use mini whiteboards a lot in languages, so my challenge was to add in a bit of excitement!

The aim of the lesson was to produce a paragraph in French about work experience, using the key words I have given them.

Prior to the lesson I wrote 16 keys words on a sheet of paper, in a flashcard format.  Students needed to understand the meaning of the words.  They then categorised the words in terms of adjectives, nouns, time phrases……

They could put the words into alphabetical order according to their meaning.  The idea is the more they look at the words and more them around the table the more chance they have of embedding the vocab.

They then needed to stick the words onto a mini white board using blue tak.  (Obviously you could do this with post it notes too.) using a board pen they filled in the gap (a gap fill in reverse).  I do this activity quite a bit with all my classes of all abilities.

Once written, they can swap with their partners and use our MFL ‘TRACTOR’ to ensure it is a good answer, before committing the perfect answer to their exercise books.

In order to appeal to my ‘lads’ we took the challenge a little further, and turned the table into a giant mini whiteboard, with great results!

A cautionary word of warning, only use whiteboard pens, no sharpies, and ensure you have Mr Carroll’s Magic table spray at the end of the lesson, unless you want to get in trouble.

Whiteboards 1


Body structure planning by H Shering

So….year 9 drew a body ( gingerbread man style) one single line, one flowing idea.

2015/01/img_0005.jpg First task, using their homework vocab list, dump a load of body part vocab on the page, in the right place. Then using GCSE vocab books, add in some adjectives to describe the body parts and then the character. As you can see from this example, this group coloured coded their vocab. The next task was to organise the vocab into a flowing description of prompt words. This group ditched the unwanted words neatly at the side of the paper. Once they were organised they could use the vocab they had gathered to write a detailed description of their person. I did a similar exercise with year 7 but they did a group talk activity where there spoke to 2 minutes in french talking about their face they had drawn. Year 9 enjoyed this activity, they said it helped them structure their answer and use a variety of vocab because they only had on word on each post it (no repetition)


Are you a Rich Tea or a Hobnob?

Mrslh RE teaching


So, today was a first.  I gave my first inset session to my peers.  I don’t know why, but standing in front of 30 students in a class, or 200 students in a hall is fine, but give me a group of 15 members of staff and it is another matter.  To say I was a little nervous is an understatement – but fortunately, my audience were forgiving and no-one fell asleep, or walked out of either of my 25 minute presentations.  I’m writing this blog for those members of staff who didn’t come to see me today; to give a flavour of the presentation that I gave.

Background: Growth Mindset & Resilience

Over the last year or so, I have been following the Growth Mindset journey of quite a few schools including Huntingdon School and Durrington School amongst others.  It began to resonate with me, but in particular, I…

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Feedback on Year 11 Mock exams

I don’t know about you, but I find giving feedback on exams to Year 11 quite hard.  I want them to learn from the experience and we know that acting on feedback is key to making progress.  Whilst they look at their own papers and the markschemes, I also want them to engage with making improvements.

I found this idea on Twitter this week, from @Laura_Oleary and @TeacherToolkit and I have made my own version for Philosophy and Ethics.  I thought some of you might like to see it. I created it on publisher and have a copy of it if you would like it.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 21 44 47

Mock exam review

Tweaks for Tomorrow

Following the inset on Monday, please can you reply to this thread with a list of the things that your department have decided to ‘tweak’.  Just put your department name and the things that you want to do.  Later in the week, you will then be able to see a list of what other departments have decided to do and compare notes. Just to inspire, here is a piece of work done by one of JS’ Year 8 students using highlighted lines. highlight lines