Whiteboards, engagement and student led learning.

Whiteboards, teaching and the usefulness of education secretaries

Concentration and focus Concentration and focus

Okay so I like a whiteboard, in fact I think they are my favourite tool in the classroom.

Why? Surely they are just a pain? The good ones are heavy, often the pens don’t work and you always get the wally who will amuse himself by writing, ‘I’m with stupid.’

Yep all those are correct, but they are so fantastically awesome. I originally started using them with a great deal of skepticism in response to criticism that I wasn’t engaging the current trendy teaching thing of AfL. I thought I was, but was told in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t. I thought they were a gimic – wrong…

I suspect we have all used them in their traditional manner, to ask questions of kids after a bit of teaching has occurred, have they any idea of what I have been talking about? They give a quick…

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